India has more than 80 million HOMELESS animals

Today, far too many dogs and cats endure harsh, lonely, and tragically short lives. Some with the fate of being turned a blind eye to and some fortunate enough to be treated and cared at rescue centres. Stressed, wounded, and scared for the rest of their lives, these homeless animals are subjeect to loss of hope and the improbability of a second chance.

We were determined to make a difference...

For RESQ Charitable Trust

The RESQ Charitable Trust in Pune is one of the country's leading NGOs that treats and rehabilitates animals in distress. As an NGO, the trust is invariably in need of support to help the animals undergoing treatment and care there.

We knew exactly how we could step in...

How Do We Help?

We donate a portion of our sales proceeds to the RESQ Charitable Trust. Every product bought on our website, every sale made, helps an animal in distress. The purpose of Our Million Animal Project is to improve the plight of the numerous animals who live tough and tragically brief lives. Under the project, we have positively affected these lives by dedicating a portion of our sales proceeds.

However, we still have a long way to go. We are confident that with your assistance, we will not be too far away from making the lives of animals better, longer, and healthier!

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