Pet. People. Progress.

Our work is based on a 3P’s principle: Pet, People and Progress. 

We are a platform sourcing top brands from around the world for pets, small and big, four-legged and feathery. With the goal of enriching the quality of life of not just pets but also their doting pet parents, we are India's leading distributors determined to make the pet food and supplies space a safe, resourceful and above all, a progressive one. 

This is brought about by extensive planning and executing distribution across a wide network of vets, breeders, and pet shops. Through our loyalty programs for breeders, sales, and pet owners, we are certain to imbibe a sense of convenience and security in this space. 

A Look Inside Orange Pet Nutrition: Pioneering Pet Health

The OPN Team with management and all teams

Our Founders

Orange Pet Nutrition was founded by two Pune-based animal lovers who wanted to improve the lives of pets beyond their own.  

Bharat Pittie, an avid traveller and marathon runner, is in charge of marketing and new product development. When he isn't evaluating the company's marketing mix, he spends time with his pets, which include Max, a lively mix breed dog, Chalk, a mixed breed cat, and Honey and Bunny, two feisty hamsters! 

Aiyaaz Hamirani, a true entrepreneur, is in charge of finance, operations, and administration. When he isn't reviewing sales data, you can find him fussing over his two adopted strays, Rani and Leo, who never fail to brighten his rough days! 

Our Team

We understand pets here at Orange Pet Nutrition Pvt Ltd. We meet their dietary requirements. Perhaps it's because we ourselves are pet parents, or perhaps it's because of the depth of our expertise in the pet food industry. The truth is that we are fully cognizant of the ideal diet for pets. And perhaps that's what makes us a trusted pet food and supplies distributor.

Our Journey

Our Million Animal Project

Making the Lives of Animals Better, Longer, and Healthier!