a greyish cat looking at the rain from a window, which has an autumn leaf stuck on it

Rainy days have a way of evoking different emotions in humans, and the same can be said for our feline companions. Some cats seem to find the sound of raindrops and the damp atmosphere quite soothing, while others retreat to cosy hiding spots, expressing their disdain for the wet weather. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons behind cats' varied responses to rain, shedding light on why some love it and others hate it.

Instinctual Behaviours

Cats are natural hunters and possess instincts that have been shaped by their ancestors. For some cats, the sound of rain might mimic the rustling of prey or running water, triggering their hunting instincts. These felines might find the rain exhilarating and stimulating, as it offers a unique sensory experience.

Sensitivity to Environmental Changes

a kitten sitting in a cat litter tray

Cats are highly sensitive creatures, and changes in weather can affect them in various ways. Some cats may dislike the rain due to the shift in atmospheric pressure or the change in ionisation caused by the storm. These factors can lead to unease and discomfort, potentially manifesting as increased urination and anxiety in some cats. Providing high-quality litter that absorbs moisture effectively and regularly maintaining a clean litter box can help alleviate any potential litter box issues caused by rainy weather. Additionally, calming supplements or natural remedies may help reduce anxiety and provide a sense of calmness for cats during rainy periods.

Individual Personality Traits

Just like humans, cats have unique personalities, and their responses to rain can vary accordingly. Some cats may possess a curious and adventurous nature, eagerly exploring new sensations like raindrops falling on their fur. On the other hand, cats with more reserved or cautious temperaments may be hesitant to venture outside during rain showers.

Negative Associations

a distressed cat sleeping near a window while it rains outside

Cats are known for their ability to form strong associations with past experiences. If a cat has encountered negative experiences during rainy weather, such as getting caught in a heavy downpour or experiencing discomfort from wet fur, they may develop a dislike for rain based on those associations. Negative experiences can create lasting impressions and shape a cat's future behaviour.

Environmental Enrichment

For indoor cats, rain can provide a change of scenery and stimulate their senses. Watching raindrops splatter against windows or hearing the sound of rain can be entertaining for cats, offering them a glimpse into the outside world without getting wet. Some indoor cats may even appreciate the cosy atmosphere and the opportunity to curl up with their human companions during rainy days.

Cats' responses to rain can vary significantly, ranging from an affinity for the sensory experience to a strong aversion. Understanding the reasons behind these diverse reactions allows us to better cater to our feline friends' needs during inclement weather. Whether your cat loves the rain or prefers to stay dry indoors, providing a safe and comforting environment is essential to ensure their well-being during rainy days.