7 Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained Indoors During the Summer

Did you know that any temperature above 37 C is simply too hot for your cat to be outside?

Aside from the risk of our cats overheating in the summer, the outdoors can pose many a threat to our beloved felines. Insect bites, dehydration, organ failure, etc. are just a few to name. 

Possibly the best call of action to take during this time is to keep your cat indoors and out of the sun’s way as much as possible. Unfortunately for our feline friends, who love to hunt, roam, and explore, staying in can rouse a meow of protest... unless, of course, you bring the summer fun INDOORS!

Luckily for you, we have just the list you need to keep your cat entertained as they start spending more time inside the house.

So, are you ready to give your pet the best summer yet?

1. Create a Play Area

cat playing indoors in summer


Replace the mental and physical stimulation of the outside with a cat play house or a play zone. Apart from making your home fun-friendly, this will keep your cat from getting up to mischief outside the designated area. 

Whether it’s a small nook, corner, or windowsill, make sure that your cat’s new space is safe, comfortable, and respected. For an adventurous touch, you can spruce up the place with cat trees, scratching posts, toys, and bells, climbing structures, etc.

2. Put Playing With Food Back on the Table

We all know that cats + their treats = true love forever. 

This summer, put their love to test!

Food games and puzzles can add an exciting twist to snack time, keep your cat sufficiently entertained and challenge their mental and physical facilities. Food games can also awaken the predator inside your cat. Hide treats around your home and encourage them to go on the hunt.

Our cat food collection is the perfect place to find what cats eat and love today. We have a number of treats that your cat will enjoy hunting for!

3. Plenty of Toys Is the Key to Their Happiness

Our feline besties are playful at heart. Cats' toys and games can be an exciting way to make the mood and kill the time. Keep in mind that your kitty might have a fondness for some and turn their back on other toys. Some cats like chase toys and others prefer those they can pounce on or bat around. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Even simple household items, like yarn, a cardboard box, or a crumpled piece of paper, can inspire an action-packed game!

4. Create a Safe Outdoor Space

If you have access to a safe outdoor space, such as a balcony or enclosed patio, you could turn it into a cosy cat nest. Areas like this can bring plenty of fresh air and sunshine without the risks that come with letting out our cats in the summer heat. Be careful to choose one that is fully safe and secure.

5. Let Them Window-Watch!

Let your cat laze by the window and fascinate themselves with the endless entertainment of the outdoors. Windows looking down from an elevated position — from the second storey — for example, are ideal. Set up a perch or a chair for them.

One of the ways you can make the most of window-watching and keep your kitty’s senses active is by installing a bird or squirrel feeder outside. 

6. Schedule Some TV Time

The telly can be great for entertaining cats, especially older, less active ones. YouTube and DVDs offer exciting feline-friendly content to keep curious cats busy. You can set up a monitor on the ground and hit play on one of the many cat-tv series that have become popular nowadays, or fascinate them with a cat app on your tablet. While these games should only be used occasionally, as they don't provide a physical workout, they offer an exciting visual experience for your feline friend.

7. Quality Time with Your Cat

Indoor Cat under a table with a toy


What better way to spend the summer than by lounging away with your cat? Take this precious indoor time to play, talk, groom, give them plenty of attention, or even read to them! This will keep them entertained while making your friendship stronger than ever!

As you can see, all it takes is a little bit of work to recreate the summer magic within the walls of your home! Remember that this new routine, with more indoor time, can be a big change for your cat, who also usually has a schedule of their own. Do respect your cat’s needs by giving them the time and space needed to adjust.