A photo of an orange tabby cat relaxing on a tiled floor in a garden.

They're adorable, smart, and full of spunk and cat-titude — we’re talking about ginger cats, of course!

Whether you call them orange cats, marmalades or tiger cats, you may know these felines by their fiery and fabulous orange fur.

Or maybe you fell in love with their playful antics over a funny video online.

Either way, these gorgeous animals are so special.

We have nothing but love for them on this Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! Here are 6 reasons why!

A photo of an orange tabby cat on a purple cat bed near a fireplace with Christmas decorations.

1. They Are Few and Fabulous

Did you know that only about 2-4% of all cats are ginger? And that about 80% of them are male?

That’s because the gene that determines the orange colour is located on the X chromosome, and males only need one copy of it to be ginger, while females need two.

This makes female ginger cats truly one-of-a-kind!

2. They Are Tabbies!

Patterned coats never go out of style, and so, ginger cats are always serving a look!

Whether it’s stripes, spots, or swirls, they always have something that adds a little oomph to their character! These tabby markings are because of the “agouti” gene, which causes the individual hairs to have bands of light and dark colours.

3. They Have Been Iconic Through History

Ginger cats have been around for ages, acquiring quite a reputation in many cultures.

In ancient Egypt, for example, ginger cats were seen as holy and were often shown in paintings.

In Japan, ginger cats were said to bring fortune and were often owned by samurai fighters.

We call them the ancient orange legends!

A photo of a ginger cat with white chest and paws lying on a beige cat tree with two levels and a window in the background.

4. They’re Smart and They Know It

Ginger cats are known for being smart and handy. They can pick up new skills, solve problems, and adapt easily.

They're also well attuned to time and space (which is why your ginger cat probably wakes you up at the same time every day like an alarm clock)!

Self-reliant, bold, and adventurous, these cats don’t shy away from new situations.

5. They’re Charming Little Creatures

Ginger cats have a sassy and spunky personality that we can’t help but love! 

They are always ready to chat and be heard! They will strongly share their opinions with their owners through purrs and trills.

With goofy antics and a loving snuggle, they’re always going to brighten up your day!

6. They Make Us Healthier and Happier

Ginger cats can make life better in many ways.

Studies have shown that owning a cat can lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, prevent loneliness, and more.

Ginger cats can provide you with the companionship, love, and comfort you need.

A close up photo of an orange tabby cat with green eyes looking up in a garden.
How Can Ginger Cat Parents Celebrate?

You can make this day extra-festive by:

1. Cuddle A Rescue Cat

Nothing beats spending some quality time with a ginger cat in need of a home. Why not pay them a visit and make their day?

2. Donate

By donating to your local cat rescue, you can make a difference in the lives of stray ginger cats. Your kindness will help them find their forever homes.

3. Adopt!

 If you have room in your heart and home for another ginger cat or kitten, why not consider adopting one? Welcome a new orange family member into your life!

4. Have a Party!

And make it ginger cat-themed! You can use ginger cat decorations, bake ginger cat-themed cookies, and raise money for your local rescue.

5. Give Them a Treat

Nothing says “I love you” like a tasty meal for your ginger cat.

Spoil them with cat food products and treats from our range of premium brands: Kit Cat, ProDiet, Arden Grange, Nature’s Hug, Taste of the Wild, Versele Laga, and Applaws.

6. Bring The Spa To Them

Pamper your cat with your own loving hands! You can give them an at-home spa experience with the right grooming products at hand.

Luckily, we have just what you need! The Tea Tree Oil range comes with shampoo, conditioner, powder, soap, ear cleaner, grooming spray, and toothpaste

You can also groom your cat's space and make it comfy by getting them a fragrant new cat litter!

A photo of an orange tabby cat with a serious expression sitting in a garden with a white building in the background.
So there you have it: 6 reasons why we love ginger cats!

If you have a ginger cat or know someone who does, make sure to give them some extra love and attention today. 

Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! 

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